Cardboard Toy Bed

Upcycle some cardboard to make a bed for your kids favourite toy pet
I bet there are many of you who love handmade toys and prefer them to plastic, Chinese ones.

What is more, kids love them even more than any, expensive blocks or dolls. If you are a parent, or going to be in the nearest future, you will be very happy to read this piece.

Cardboard Toy Bed, because that is what I am writing about, have been prepared with all details and printable templates by Jennifer from "hellobee". She certainly meets her sons needs with this project, and I got inspired by her work a lot. Frankly speaking, I can't imagine our handmade toys could live without such awesome bed.

What do you think about it? Do you consider it difficult or a piece of cake? Tell us something about it in comments on our fan page.

To read the full tutorial and get templates for Cardboard Toy Bed, click the link.

Cardboard Toy Bed

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