Cardboard Box Sewing Machine

Let your kid feel like a young crafter by playing with this upcycled toy!
What’s the best way of delivering our passion to kids? Showing them how it works, of course. Ever since I remember, I wanted to copy what my mom did. When she was cooking, I wanted to prepare pasta for our dog, when she was sewing, I was sewing together ears of all my toys (of course I was doing it all under her care). I regret that we didn’t have microwaves then, cause I would like to make Soap Clouds - it’s sort of cooking ;)

It’s obviously dangerous to allow kids to cook or sew unsupervised that’s why you should create for them imitations of a little store, cooker or sewing machine. Cassie from a Little Red Window website shows step by step how to create sewing machine from a cardboard. You need to put some work into it, but this paper toy includes even knobs and buttons like a real one!

Let us know what was your favorite role to play when you were a child?

Check out the tutorial on Little Red Window.

What you need:


  • Hot glue gun
  • Exact knife
  • Ruler
  • Paint pen

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Cardboard box
  • Wooden dowels and beads
  • Brads

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