Carboard Table for Kids

I know a great number of cardboard stuff for kids and not only for them. One of the most crazy I have recently seen is the stairs slide. But this time I will show you something cool and simple that you can use for many different purposes. It is a Cardboard Table for Kids made by Evgeny - The Cardboard Dad. I admit that the simpler something is the more it grabs my heart and this is it. I bet you have got some empty cardboard boxes after buying new TV or the huge one after new sofa. We have stored lots of these in the cellar after our house renovation in winter. I knew we would have a chance to reuse them soon for many projects.

This cute sofa table doesn’t need that much cardboard but I strongly advise you to always think creative before getting rid of boxes like these. Anyway, Just few simple tools like cutting knife, glue and other, 4 cardboard tubes and a good reason to have that multifunctional table and you can go on with this tutorial. The best reason for me would be that Simon is not going to have any excuse to bring a breakfast to bed  anymore, at least 5 days a week ;)









I am sure you’ll find your reason to create your own version of Cardboard Table for Kids. Don’t forget to show it to all Handimaniacs though!

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