Button Vase

Make a colorful bowl using just old buttons!
I do realize that sea glass isn't the most available craft material ever, so after sharing See Glass Bowl I started looking for some other colorful stuff which can be used in bowls production.

The answer couldn't have been more obvious. Buttons! I've found a neat tutorial on making a Button Vase on ‘Designs By Kristen’. She turned piles, bags and drawers full of old buttons into a colorful, functional dish. This craft is childishly easy so the project can be a nice alternative for a rainy day for your kids. Remember if you want to make the bowl sturdier, you need to put a lot of layers of the glue on the balloon before sticking the buttons.

Once you decide to make the bowl encourage your kids to have their input, you will see how proud they will be to make their own mosaic dish. Don’t forget to share the photos of the bowls with us!

Check out the tutorial on Designs By Kristen.

What you need:


  • Brush
  • Scissors
  • Newspaper

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Flat buttons
  • Balloons

To see the full list of Tools and Supplies check out the source post.


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