Butterflies Feeder

Decorate your garden and let butterflies have a feast

Do you still remember this amazing Mosaic Tile Birdbath? It is a beautiful piece of craft that serves not only birds, but also our eyes! This is all those little details that make our gardens unique and kind of magical.

Jonathan Fong who contributes for eHow, knows how to make two kinds of butterflies feeder that attract them effectively and look brilliant. Just a nice plate, a jar, some silk flowers and leaves to decorate them, sponge with sugar to feed flying fellows. These are enough to make the whole bunch of butterflies stay in your garden for longer this summer.

If you want them flying everywhere, check out our Sticky Note Butterfly tutorial and have fun making colorful butterflies out of paper.

To see detailed instructions and the video of Jonathan’s Butterfly Feeders, go HERE.

We are really curious if you managed to complete this awesome, diy project so let us know about it on our FB page or #handimania on Instagram.


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