Bubble Gum Machine

Come back to your childhood years and make your own Bubble Gum Machine!
When I was a primary school, my grandfather used to take me to shop with him in a nearby grocery store. I always looked forward to it as in the grocery store there was a small gumball machine. If I were good, my grandpa would give me a coin to purchase a gumball from the machine. I used to bet with him what colour I would get this time. I usually ended up with a handful of different colours since I used my childish charm to convince my grandpa to buy me some more gums.

Some time ago I was looking for a unique birthday party attraction for my son when I finished up on a very creative outlet - Karas Party Idea. To my amazement Kara, who has an incredible capacity to think outside the box, presents Bubble Gum Machine. When I saw the idea, I felt nostalgic with my fond memories of childhood. I bought the idea, and I’m going to use it at my son party.

Have ever wondered how gumball machines are made? You have your chance to try to make one now. Don’t hesitate to show off, present your pictures on our fan page!

To find a blow-by-blow tutorial of Bubble Gum Machine follow the link!


What you need:


  • Glue gun

Supplies / ingredients:

  • 1 Terra cotta pot {with saucer base}
  • 1 Wooden ball
  • 1 Wooden doll pin stand
  • 1 Tube of E600 glue OR hot glue
  • 1 Round bubble bowl
  • 1 Can of spray paint


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