Broken Porcelain Garden Stones

Use broken porcelain to decorate your garden!
When we break someone’s vase or a teacup we always feel sorry, especially when the stuff was of great sentimental value. I remember breaking my aunt’s porcelain ballerina when I was little. My auntie wasn’t angry with me but I still feel this flame of blush on my cheeks when I think of that moment.

When accidently, Anya broke one of my favourite cups I ‘mourned’ over it but I knew I would find the way to let it still serve me, not for drinking but… as Lisa of Over The Big Moon presents it as a Broken Porcelain Garden Stone. It resembles Cake Pan Garden Stepping Stones project but the two ideas can be combined to create a colourful path in the garden.

So don’t regret when you break your best porcelain set, just feel encouraged to make these astonishing stones. Let us know about your ideas for broken porcelain.

Check out the tutorial on Over The Big Moon.

What you need:

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Broken porcelain
  • Garden stone cement
  • Tray


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