Box Braid Bangle

Make this simple bracelet for colorful spring look
I like having my jewellery box full of bracelets, I’m proud of it as most of them I’ve made myself. I’m sure you remember a summer idea for Knotted Cord Bracelet or Fishtail Bracelet. You know I’m obsessed with producing accessories. I follow many handmade jewellery designers and I’m continuously encouraged to produce something original and new.

Nicole Cohen the owner of Sketch42 blog inspired me to weave Box Braid Bangle. The bracelet is massive and square shaped, it can perfectly match casual style. I chose natural color leather to go with my jeans but shops offer a wide range of coloration.

The bracelet doesn’t require too much manual skills and it’s not time-consuming, so go for it. As soon as you finish weaving your bracelet, take a picture and show it off on our fan page.

Neat instructions of how to make Box Braid Bangle can be found here


What you need:

Supplies / ingredients:

  • 2 strands of stiff leather


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