Birthday Number Piñata

When it comes to Birthday, I have quite complex feelings. Since I’m getting older I convince everybody around that there is nothing to celebrate. Let somebody forget this date... you wouldn’t want to be in their shoes! For children, on the other hand, it’s just as simple as that - Birthday is the best day ever! My daughters start to plan their next birthday party the next day. ;)

To meet “the birthday challenge” this year I have found amazing Number Piñata, shown so vividly by Jordan from Oh Happy Day. It came to my mind that this D.I.Y. project can possibly bring those two things together - my aversion to admitting my age (my Piñata number would be 25 - the day I was born...years ago) and my children's simple delight.

What is the most inspiring this time? You can make it for many occasions - for wedding , engagement or anniversary luncheons - it could be 2 letters - initials of the couple. You can also treat it as the decoration only. I can see children playing peek-a-boo with it in my mind’s eye. The Number Piñata can vary endlessly.

Birthday Number Piñata

I‘m pretty sure,  that the next party organised by you wouldn’t go without such a great decoration. ;) Don’t be shy about your age and to show us your Number Piñatas!

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