Bird Nest Necklace

Very easy to make and glamorous necklace. Try to do it yourself!
I always thought that simplicity is beautiful. I like simple ornaments, but not on me. Though I don’t really like jewelry (it doesn’t quite fit my style, there are just a few things I can wear), I think that handmade jewelry is a great gift idea.

We can adjust the shape, size and color to someone’s character and style. Besides, handmade gifts always have a higher value than those bought. Our contribution: the time, energy, commitment, is invaluable.

My mom’s birthday is approaching and I seriously think about doing some pretty necklace. I really like this bird nest necklace and, what is very important for me, it’s easy to create (according to the author - Sarah Ortega). After you give necklaces to all your family and friends, you should (as the next gift) make some Plastic Bottle Jewelry Stand.

Please share the effects of your work with us and send some pictures on fan page!

To see the full tutorial for Bird Nest Necklace click here.

Bird Nest Necklace

What you need:


  • Pliers

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Jewelry wire
  • Pearls or glass beads
  • Necklace chain
  • Jump ring and a clasp



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