Bird Finger Puppets

Less is more. Do you agree with this phrase? Every time I see something, which has much more into it after every next glaze, simple, but full of meanings, or causing greater fun than effort needed to make it, it comes to my mind.

That's the case with Bird Finger Puppets from MrPrintables, who offers the prints ready to use along with the instructions, that can be understood even by child. These easy-to-make puppets have every chance to engage your children for relatively long time, which is quite a success! What’s more, with a little help from the birds, you can teach children a lot, e.g. Mister Toucan can take us to the Rainforests of Brazil. ;)

From my experience - there are no better toys than these requiring one's imagination and some effort in making them. Especially, when the last is already great part of fun. Let us show your fun, while making  and playing with Bird Finger Puppets, on facebook, as always.


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