Bathroom Mirror Storage

Build this useful, wooden storage and gain extra space to hold all your goodies!
Bathrooms are notoriously cramped so designing a small space is a challenge. You need to make this room as much functional and spacious as it is possible. Thanks to mirrors you can make your space more open than it actually is. That is why, no matter where you put one, mirrors are an easy way to reflect light, make a space look bigger, and open up a room just like in Paint Stick Sunburst Mirror project. That’s why I drew my attention to the idea that I want to show you. It’s cool, inexpensive and combines functionality with simplicity.

Whitney, who’s running great blog called ‘Shanty-2-Chic’ showed step-by-step how to build and install this beautiful Bathroom Mirror Storage Case. Thanks to this project you can have a full-length mirror and a ton of storage at the same time. I truly love how it looks in the bathroom, but don’t forget that it’s welcome in other parts of the house too.

As always I recommend you to be creative and change something, using the original work as an inspiration. Maybe smaller size of the cabinet will be better for you?

Check out the full tutorial on Shanty-2-Chic!

What you need:


  • Drill

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Mirror
  • Sanding paper
  • Wood

To see the full list of Tools and Supplies check out the source post.


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