Autumn Leaf Bowl

Glue some fallen leafs over a baloon to make an extraordinary bowl
Although, I am a summer girl who dreams of living in Croatia, I am into beautiful, polish autumn, more and more. Maybe because it is the best time for my fave activities: knitting and crochet, or perhaps for some kind of nostalgia in the autumn air. Anyway, the most amazing decorations and handmade stuff come out this time of the year.

Had you at least once picked up fallen leaves, you must know the texture, colors and some awesome shapes they have. What if we could turn them into something more sophisticated than just a simple bouquet!? This Autumn Leaf Bowl, made by Eunice and Sabrina authors of "Hello! The Lucky blog", is an excellent example of creative autumn craft.

I admire the effect of girl's work on the last picture as it shows how much heart they have put into finishing it off. Would you use maple leafs too? I bet you'll use your imagination and skillful hands here. Have some fun creating your own bowl for potpourri or healthy, homemade cookies, take some pictures and share it with the rest of handimania world.

Read the full article and follow the instructions to make Autumn Leaf Bowl.


What you need:


  • Scissors
  • Foam Brush
  • Mixing bowl

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Craft store leaf garland
  • Mod Podge (matte finish)
  • Balloon

Autumn Leaf Bowl

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