Anthro Inspired Bookcase

Build an unusual bookcase with just a few slivers of plywood.
I hate when simple stuff are so expensive that an average mother can't afford to buy them. Furniture and other house gadgets that I simply need to change from time to time, tend to cost way too much, and it frustrates me a lot. However, I am the lucky owner of skillful hands and try to make things using them.

I don't have much time to cook nowadays, but love my cookbooks with those perfect pictures inside. I always wanted to have a special place to keep them (now they stay with other books on a huge bookcase). Esther from, seems to be a bit like me and she made a very nice bookcase being inspired by the expesive one, she saw in the Anthro catalog.

I truly admire her effort because, as she writes, it was not so easy to put all the pieces of plywood together. She learned her lesson, described it with details, and now we can use her experience to make Anthro Inspired Bookcase. If you like it so much too, and decide to take up this project, tell us about it!

To see the full tutorial of Anthro Inspired Bookcase, click the link.

Anthropologie Bookshelf

What you need:


  • A piece of fine sandpaper
  • Steel wool

Supplies / ingredients:

  • 5 slivers of plywood
  • Wood glue
  • Dark wood stain

Anthro Inspired Bookcase

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