Animal Pom-poms

Lovely pom-poms with animal faces
Are you into yarn projects? I hope you are, but this time it’s not about crocheting or knitting. I’m happy to bring a very special pom-poms idea. Would you think that it’s possible to create a pom that after wrapping, cutting and trimming the yarn, looks like an animal face? I wouldn’t for sure!

I found this ingenious idea on one of my favorite craft blogs - Mr. Printables, that is run by a girl named Olive (big thumbs up for her!) I’m always surprised and excited when she adds new stuff! But let’s go back to the poms :) Before Olive created Animal Pom-poms, she had also made flower poms, and If I were you, I would definitely start with these (The animal ones may look a bit scary for a beginner). All of the poms are so charming that it’s hard for me to decide which one won my heart the most. I’m quite sure that you’ll have a similar dilemma.

Do let us know on our fan page if you decide to make them - we are really curious how will it go!

The full tutorial for Animal Pom-poms you can find here.



Animal Pom-poms

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