Amazing Pantry Makeover

Rearrange inconvenient pantry into practical and handy place!
If you have a pantry, I bet you have to face the mess inside, from time to time. It’s very useful place, but keeping it in order it’s not that easy. In fact, almost each of us tends to treat pantry as cubby-hole for everything what may be helpful in the future. Sometimes it means really far in the future, or I would even say, never...

When I was living with my parents, we had two pantries full of all domestic stuff. I haven't got a clue, up till now, what it exactly contained. It’s such a shame that I didn't know this brilliant idea back then, I would have made such a nice place for all my stuff. I found this tutorial on "Decor Chic" website run by a girl called Emily. It’s full of clearly presented smart ideas. This one, for sure will make your pantry better organized! Spool Bookcase tutorial would be another awesome idea for all order "freaks"!

We would like to see perfectly arranged pantry of yours, so feel free to share some pictures on our fan page!

Follow the link to see all details about this Amazing Pantry Makeover!


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