Adhesive Tape Canvas Art

Create the stained glass effect with a tape painting.
I've mentioned that children love to draw in the Repurposed Cot post while ago. And you know what, they love to paint even better. Maybe it's because they can loose reigns of their imagination more freely, or maybe saying 'a dirty kid is a happy kid' comes to play here, also.

What children and adults love equally are a stained glass, I think. You can't grow out from the admiration of it. That's the kind of art you don't need years of experience and knowledge to be fascinated by it. I have thought that it isn't possible to gain this effect with a young artist's unpractised hand until I found Robin Egg View blog with her Future Arteest post. She shows how, in a simple way, you can use kid's interest in painting to create a piece of an art resembling the idea of a stained glass.

You can also take a look at where her inspiration came from – When you compare these two works you will see how the idea evolved depends on the imagination and the aesthetic tastes of its authors. That can give you the wider perspective to use your creativity and making... the triptych this time;) Or maybe a different pattern of tape lines. As always it depends on you only, so please DO try it at home. We can not wait to see where your imagination led you.

To see a full step by step guide of Adhesive Tape Canvas Art, click the link.

Adhesive Tape Canvas Art

What you need:


  • 2-pack of 11×14 canvas
  • tape
  • blue painters tape

Supplies / ingredients:

  • crayola paints
  • sponge brushes
  • regular brushes

Adhesive Tape Canvas Art

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