A Toy to Keep Your Cat Busy for Hours. You Can Make It Yourself

If you have a cat, why don’t you make a toy for your pet? Using things you have at home, you can make something really interactive.

How to make an interactive toy for your cat

Things you need:
Hot glue
Flat cardboard box
Egg carton
Empty toilet paper roll
Plastic cup
Disposable bamboo bowl
Little balls

How to make an interactive toy

1. Cut off the edges of the cardboard box. You need a flat cardboard piece

2. Glue the bottom part of the egg carton

3. Glue the plastic cup in the way shown in the photo

4. Take a bowl – we have a bamboo one here

5. Bind three empty toilet paper rolls together and glue to our cardboard base

6. Cut another roll into two and glue them

7. Using the cut off parts of the cardboard lid make two stripes and also glue them to the cardboard base


8. Apply some glue onto the bottom of the empty box

9. Glue our base with all the ‘gadgets’

10. Now drop some balls there and invite your pet to play there

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