A 40-Year-Old Horse Trailer Turned into a Cosy Space. It Looks Wonderful Inside

I’m sure you have seen thousands of transformed places. These often include such unusual things as old trailers or fire engines. Have you ever wondered how to convert a… horse trailer?

This is what sprang to the mind of Fred Cote from Keremos. He bought a horse trailer made in 1970. He decided to convert it into a camper.

It was rusty and you could easily say it was as old as it looked.

Fred decided to remove the inside of it leaving the frame only.

Then he covered it with coloured tiles and soon first pieces of furniture appeared.

All walls were covered with birch boards and special 4cm-thick insulation.

Outside it was painted canary yellow. Inside, apart from the insulation and wooden boards, a kitchen and a dining room were added. The dining-room can be easily converted into a bedroom with a huge bed.

This is the final effect! It’s hard to believe that the trailer is 40 years old!

Welcome inside

There is an oven, a cooker, a sink with running water and extra accessories like curtains, giving the place the cosy look.

The table folds to form a comfortable bed.

Fred is proud of what he has done and he is really happy that he manager to convert a horse trailer into something so homely.

Do you like Fred’s work?

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