9 upcykling ideas to remake old junk into stunning home decor

Creativity in life is about saying yes to new ideas. I don’t like generate to much waste in my household. That’s why i love idea of recykling art and DIY! Some of them are really crazy… but still i think you will find a lot of inspiration in this article!

14 recycled crafts inspiration for your home:

#1 Seat Belt Buckle Key Holder

#2 Don’t throw out your old garden rake! Instead, upcycle it into a DIY Rake Wine Glass Holder

#3 Recycle old jars into succulent terrariums!

#4 Transform wine bottles into candle holder

#5 Invisible book shelf

#6 Old retro tenis rockets can be a mirror frame

#7 Interior decor with a vintage ladder

#8 Old door as a table

#9 Turn a chair into a garden planter and a shelf

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