8 Bit Pop-Up Cards

Create the skull and space invader Pop Up cards out of plain paper
Here’s a treat for all us paper origami lovers, especially those who are starters in this creative art! We bring you a simple yet awesome method of making pop-up cards. If you like 8-bit games, you’re going to love this!

Just take some colorful printing papers and a crafting knife and start making unlimited skull pop-up and space invader pop-up and save your pocket money for the next series of i-Phone! They are much easier than the 3D Paper Diamond project we posted earlier. Forget buying those expensive Halloween pop-up cards for your friends. Let the skull scare them! If you need to send birthday invites or wishes to friends, let the space invader do it for you!

You would never believe that these complicated looking pop-up cards came out of such a simple procedure and for that you have to give them a try. To see the full tutorial of 8 Bit Pop-Up Card, click the link.

A lot of experimentation can be done with these fabulous art pieces. You can mix and match a lot of colors and add textures to make it more appealing. Add some more freaking effect using paints and markers; it’s all up-to your creative mind. We are always looking up to your constructive projects so do keep us posted on our Facebook page!

8 Bit Pop-Up Cards

What you need:


  • Craft knife
  • Ruler
  • Needle (or compass point) for scoring

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Paper
  • Cutting mat

8 Bit Pop-Up Cards Collage

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