3D Paper Diamonds

Make an extraordinary diamond-shaped gift box.
Well, this is really something that all crafty hands would like to do! 3D Paper Diamonds we have discovered on this creative, British website called "minieco.co.uk". Kate, the designer of all those cool, paper stuff, provides a printable template for this geometric jewel shape. It can be used either as a garland, toy, or as a wonderful gift box for jewellery.

Since I have got Minecraft fans at home, I am pretty sure, Simon and Dorian will take up this project soon. They say blue diamonds are the most precious to dig out while playing. It might require a bit of patience and accuracy, as Kate claims, but still it would be extremally exciting to complete it. For all who like geometric shapes and patterns, those 3D diamonds will be perfect ornament to decorate your house with.

I assume, this particular paper craft will suit your taste, and you would want to start as soon as possible. If you feel inspired with this one, go ahead and check out Paper Pyramid Gift Box post to start with, and stretch your fingers before taking up this more complicated project.

For the full tutorial and template of 3D Paper Diamonds, click the link.

3D Paper Diamonds

What you need:


  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Ruler

Supplies / ingredients:

  • A4 sheet of paper
  • Glue-stick
  • Printable template

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