3D Paper Christmas Tree

Turn piece of paper into this adorable decoration!

I love paper almost as much as I love wool. There are so many inspirations around us that we can use in the most creative way possible. Since Christmas is coming, the natural urge for me was to make some paper ornaments for our house. I bet you’ll love this simple 3D Christmas Tree. We would like to show you how to make it step by step, just as I did!

We decided to make the instructions simpler with just three cuts to make 24 twigs, but you can upgrade it with four or even five cuts if you need it to be 'fluffier'. Also don’t hesitate to use different colors and sizes of paper. The only thing you need to remember is that the base for each tree must be SQUARE!

Watch the video if you prefer or use our picture instructions to complete this awesome, DIY winter project. Share your 3D trees under this post, comment, ask questions and suggest different solutions on how to decorate them.

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What you need:


  • Scissors

Supplies / ingredients:

  • A piece of A4/US Letter paper

Grab the upper right corner and fold along the line as shown. Then cut the rectangular strip off.



Fold it diagonally to make another bending line.



Turn the paper, fold it evenly and thoroughly in half, as shown.


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