3D Fringe Heart

Create this sweet, paper mache heart using some paper, scissors and glue!
If you are looking for an easy yet effective, three dimensional, decorative gift for someone you love, you couldn't have landed in a better place than "Minted" blog. We think their Fringe Heart will grab your hearts, not only because it is easy, but also for it is stylish and simply - pretty. Are you a huge fan of paper crafts? Check out Paper Ballerinas we wrote about few posts ago.

Anyone can make this minty heart. Either you are a girl, or a boy, with or without special manual skills, We bet you love someone, and that is the reason you should make something with your own hands to make your beloved happy from time to time. Tools are easy to get as well as supplies.

Although you can buy a paper mache heart in a local stationery shop, it would be much cooler if you try to make it yourself. Don't worry if it's not perfect as what is the most important is inside you! Don't hesitate to take a picture of your work after you finished it and share it with other handimaniacs on our gallery!

Check out the tutorial on the Minted!

What you need:


  • Scissors

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Paper mache heart
  • Crepe paper fold
  • Glue


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