20 Handymen Whose Fixing Ideas Are So Scary That They Make You Laugh

Many people want to save money and try to fix things on their own, using some tape or cable ties. It doesn’t always work, but it definitely amuses.
Have a look at 20 pictures illustrating the genius of the DIY gods who decided to fix something.

#1 I wonder if you can attach a water filter

#2 When you run out of baking moulds, the hangers must do

#3 Stickers are the most effective method of fixing holes in the doors

#4 The almighty potential of silver tape

#5 How to give your PC extra ventilation

#6 Plastic surgery in a Frankenstein’s way

#7 If something looks stupid but it works, it means that it isn’t stupid

#8 It might be cosy, but still it’s a bit weird…

#9 Ready for the winter

#10 Looks brand new again!

#11 The great-grandfather of a modern wipe

#12 Salvador Dali and his contemporary followers

#13 ‘~Hello. Is that hot water?

14. Unusual circumstances call for unusual remedies

#15 Just a bit of adhesive tape and it’s going to be fine

#16 Terrible design stimulates ingenious solutions

#17 … and the wheels are made of plates

#18 I wonder if the pilot is aware of what’s happening here

#19 A biked designed for witches…

#20 No matter what it looks like, the phone is being charged!

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