15 stunning dresser makeovers – with some basic tools you can turn it into a beauty!

Old furniture usually ends up thrown away or simply neglected. Sometimes you can across a piece or two at flea markets or online auctions. Most of us don’t pay any attention at all anyway. A woman decided to give an old chest of drawers another life. She manager to change a worn-off piece of furniture into something gorgeous!

Chests of drawers are really heavy pieces. Thanks to their size, however, they fit in a number of items. One might think that it should cost a lot. However, all you need to do is to browse local flea markets or online auctions to find some chests or cabinets. Then a little bit of paint and imagination and here it is!

That’s what a mother of three did. She spent $25 on a run-down chest at a flea market. She decided to renovate it to make something unusual. With sand paper she removed the old surface, replaced the top, took out the bottom drawer and painted the chest chalk-white. The final effect is simply stunning!

Old chests of drawers can be renovated in a number of ways. Have a look at a few of them:

#1 Chest on wheels

All you need is the wheels, some paint and new handles. A new toolbox is ready!

#2 A chest of transparent boxes

If you are sick and tired of storing your items in a cluttered drawer where nobody can find a thing, get rid of the drawers and go for transparent boxes.

#3 A mobile bar

A wooden cabinet will make a perfect mobile mini-bar.



#4 Take out the drawers

Without the drawers the chest will be more open and you will have more space for the baskets full of games and DVDs.



#5 This is how you convert an old Ikea cabinet into an elegant desk

#6 Just perfect for your garden

Such a cabinet will match both the terrace and the garden. From now on all your plates and cutlery is right at hand.


#7 Hide your printer



#8 If you still don’t know what to do with the chest, why don’t you put it in the bathroom?


#9 Believe it or not, but this couch used to be a chest of drawers

#10 Taking one drawer out changes the piece thoroughly

#11 Wood and white always go together

#12 A chest can be a great place for your pet…

#13 …or just a wardrobe for your child

#14 A marvellous combination of a place to sit and a place to read


#15 Why not change an old chest of drawers into a mini-kitchen for your kid?


Which chest did you like the most?

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