15 innovative craft ideas to give your garden and balcony a pinch of the extraordinary

Days are getting warmer and warmer. It’s high time we started preparing our gardens and balconies for the upcoming summer. I hope the inspirations below will convince you to change something in your gardens and balconies to create unique atmosphere there.

#1 Seats made of old tyres and thick jute twine

#2 If you have got a high fence, think of setting up wooden seedling pots…

#3 …or something similar, with a small ladder instead

#4 Thimbles for the tinniest seedlings

#5 Use wine corks to label herb seedlings

#6 Use wicker baskets and flower arrangements

#7 Paint a pallet your favourite colour and put it vertically. Then fix a flat top on it and turn it into a table

#8 Would you like some plants on your balcony but you don’t have enough space there? All you need is a solid nail and a few rods

#9 Alternatively, you may go for some shelves with pots

#10 If your balcony is too small for a table, think about a wooden counter

#11 A tiny garden inside a piece of wood

#12 A few wooden boards will be enough to make a great shelf that will match both your balcony and your terrace

#13 Metal buckets make fantastic pots

#14 What about implementing a few ideas in one place? Your balcony doesn’t have to be boring!

#15 Lanterns and chains create unique atmosphere

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