15 Cheap and Charming DIY Tricks to Make Your Chickens Happy

The summer is on and we’re all so happy to have so much sun. Do you think your chickens share this point of view? Well, if you have some doubts, stop being selfish and take care of them at last! Not only will you make them happy, but you will also have a good time watching them play with their new toys.

#1 It doesn’t have to be roast pig – give them a corn barbecue

#2 Give them a xylophonic toy and find out whether you have a hidden Mozart-like talent somewhere in your yard

#3 Buy a nutritious frozen cake – they will keep pecking it for hours

#4 The pumpkin can take them to their own fight club

#5 It’s swing time!

#6 A survival camp ( a mini version)

#7 After a hard day’s work (and fun) a nap inside a tire will do

#8 Let them see how wonderful they are (the only problem is they will not recognize themselves…)

#9 In extreme cases (e.g. frost) invite them to your house for a weekend or longer

#10 Keep them cool on hot days with corn ice-cream

#11 Feed them well with marigold to get the yolk as orange as the one in the photo

#12 Feed them well and feed them with style. Just a few pipes will do to make some neat dispensers

#13 A CD floating over their yard will reflect the sunlight and scare away most of predator birds

#14 The chicks can be kept warm with brushes working as surrogate mothers

#15 Make their meals a funny experience

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