14 cute Easter table decorations. Your family will be delighted!

Easter is round the corner. There is still so much to do. All the mess with cleaning and shopping doesn’t let you think about what your Easter table will look like. If you want to surprise your I have a few ideas for you. This i show you can refresh your dining room decor. Thanks to the Easter elements shown below your family meeting will be unforgettable!

#1 A Cabbage Vase

There is no way your family will pay no attention. If you don’t have fresh flowers, use fake ones.

Easter table decoration cabbage vase

#2 Golden Eggs

Easter is all about eggs. That’s why you need to have some decorations with them. Paint some
eggs gold and put some flowers in them. Lily of the valley will look all so charming!

14 cute Easter table decorations. Your family will be delighted!

#3 Carrots in a vase

Thanks to their colour, carrots will look great as Easter table decoration. It goes without saying that Easter bunny will be really happy about it.

14 cute Easter table decorations. Your family will be delighted!notey.com

#4 A branch with Easter eggs

Easter eggs look good in an Eater basket, but they will look even better if you attached them
to a branch. I’m sure you will find one in the or a park. Coil the branch sticks with some embroidery floss or rope and then hang the Easter eggs. If there are many eggs, that can be
toned down with a white vase.

14 cute Easter table decorations. Your family will be delighted!

#5 French-style basket

Take a French wine basket (available in most interior decoration stores), prepare a lot of eggs
and fresh flowers. Geranium leaves will do, too. Gently arrange the eggs inside the basket and
then create a pattern of the leaves and colourful flowers.

14 cute Easter table decorations. Your family will be delighted!

#6 A table for the young ones

All kids will love it for sure. If you have a big family and at Easter kids will have their own
table, prepare a surprise for them. Pour some gummies or candies. Cut bunny out of a piece of styrofoam and paint it. Punch them onto long tooth picks or skewer sticks and it’s done!

Easter table decorations diy

#7 Napkins with a bunny

If you didn’t manage to buy napkins with Easter eggs or Easter bunnies, all you need to do is to
take standard white napkins and decorate them yourself. Cut out a bunny out of a piece of cardboard, fold the napkin to form a rectangle and tie everything up with a wrapping rope.

Easter table decorations diy

#8 Carrot Basket

Many of us believe that using plastic cutlery at Easter is inappropriate. However, if your family is really huge I can see some rational behind it. If you don’t want your cutlery to look dowdy, use a set of green forks and knives wrapping them with orange napkins. This will work at
Easter and any time later you have your barbecue.

Easter table decorations

#9 Bread Bunny

In some countries soups are served inside a hollow loaf of bread. If you would like to go for
a mix of tradition and innovation, then you can turn the bread into a bunny’s head. Use one
piece to form the head and another to make the ears. Add a pink candy to make the nose and
two brown ones to.

Easter table decorations DIY

#10 Egg Candles

This is really easy to make and looks spectacular. I am sure you will have plenty of egg shells. Try to peel eggs gently so that they don’t get damaged too much. Use the tea lights or candles of similar size, and put them inside the shell. If they are too big, wait until wax melts. Then put it out and gently pour the wax into the shell.

Egg candles easter diy

#11 A minimalist Easter table

If there are so many dishes all over your Easter table that there is hardly any space for several decorations, why don’t you choose something subtle, like colourful napkins, spring willow or box tree twigs together with Easter eggs on a plate.

Easter table decorations DIY

#12 A mix of colours!

Another idea for those whose Easter table will not have much space for lavish decoration.
Colourful napkins and Easter eggs on plates will be enough to create the festive atmosphere of Easter.

14 cute Easter table decorations. Your family will be delighted!

#13 Easter Egg Bowl

To make one you can use a bowl with a lid or on a tall one with a leg. Take Easter eggs of three
crayon colours and arrange them in the dish. You can also use spring willow or box tree twigs as well as single-colour flowers.

Easter Table decorations

#14 Easter Napkins

If you tie a dark-colour napkin with a hard-boiled egg appropriately, that will absolutely be enough to feel the Easter spirit.

Easter table decor DIY

Which one do you like the most?