6 DIY Ways to Clean Stainless Steel. the Fingerprints Will Finally Be Gone!

    6 DIY Ways to Clean Stainless Steel. the Fingerprints Will Finally Be Gone!

    6 DIY Ways to Clean Stainless Steel. the Fingerprints Will Finally Be Gone!
    10:57 AM EST, December 12, 2023, updated: 11:46 AM EST, December 12, 2023

    Inox stainless steel has been widely used in food industry for many years. Due to its aesthetical properties it has also been a popular raw material for a variety of household appliances including electric kettles, kitchen hoods, fridges or ovens.

    Apart from the hygienic properties, stainless steel has other advantages proving useful in the kitchen.

    Its shiny silver color is by far the greatest one.


    Stainless steel is resistant to high temperatures, damage, rust and most of staining. Objects made of stainless steel are easy to keep clean but they also require appropriate maintenance.

    How to clean stainless steel surfaces

    Use soft clothes dedicated to stainless steel.

    Always wipe it dry after you clean it.

    Use a selected agent to polish it at the end.


    Agents you can use to clean stainless steel surface:

    #1 Washing-up liquid

    It can be used for any kind of stainless steel surface.

    #2 Ordinary soap

    Be that a bar of soap or liquid soap, make some soapy water and clean the inox surface.


    #3 Water with baking soda

    Dissolve the soda in lukewarm water and soak a soft cloth with it. Clean the stainless surface and wipe it dry.

    #4 White vinegar

    Clean the surface with a cloth soaked with just a few drops of white vinegar. Again, wipe it dry.


    #5 Water with lemon

    For more stubborn stains, try using lemon. Dilute a few drops in water and clean the steel.

    #6 Window cleaner

    A window cleaner is a cheap and effective agent to clean it. Just spray it onto the surface and wipe it clean.

    Stainless steel and fingerprints


    One of the major disadvantages of stainless steel is fingerprints. The best way to remove them is to polish the surface with just a bit of olive oil or a baby oil.

    The fingerprints will quickly disappear and the olive coating will protect the surface for some time against new prints.

    Other inox steel disadvantages

    Another disadvantage of stainless steel is the fact that it can be easily scratched. To take care of it, avoid any rough accessories, including brushes or scourers.

    Remember that you must not use any bleach to clean stainless steel, either.

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