21 Unconventional Gadgets for People With Unusual Sense of Humor

Stores offer a number of gadgets designed to surprise and entertain. These include bags that look like toasts, jaw-shaped pacifiers or pincushions that look like a grandma. Not only do they look attractive but in the first place they are so funny!

#1 A moaning bowl

#2 Super Mario pipes in real action

#3 This hat will block any door

#4 Let this lady keep the pins

#5 A rug melting downstairs

#6 A soap dish from hell

#7 Helpful hands

#8 A creative toilet paper holder

#9 Something for fans of mazes

#10 A warrior to keep all your knives sharp

#11 An incentive to put all the garbage into the basket

#12 Anne Eunson lives on Hamnavoe Island (The Shetland Islands)

She decided to knit a… fence using strong black fishing net string

It looks like an elegant piece of Shetland lace

#13 Parents must be having lots of fun

#14 So that you will never feel alone in your toilet…

#15 A Halloween sugar spoon

#16 A really tasty bag

#17 No matter what you hide inside, nobody will dare to steal it

#18 They look quite comfy

#19 Don’t you feel like a hen sitting on them?

#20 A funny bookmark

#21 This is how you advertise underwear stores


Nuns with a sense of humor

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