15 Architecture and Interior Design Trends That Not Everyone Likes

Some modern trends in construction or interior design, do not arouse admiration. They are extremely misguided and impractical. Often make staying in your own home ceases to be comfortable.

#1 Lack of Handrails

Stairs without handrails are just asking for someone to finally fall off them and hurt himself.

Collov Home Design/unsplash

#2 Window to Window

Dense cabinetry and ill-considered designs. Unacceptable are windows that look directly into a neighbor’s bedroom or shaded balconies that even touch the next building.

Cytonn Photography/unsplash

#3 Deceiving Balconies

Some French balconies  are actually just a railing and decoration.

Oscar Nord/unsplash

#4 Shelves Instead of Cabinets

Many people replace kitchen cabinets with open shelves. Then a lot more dust, dirt and pet hair collects on the exposed appliances.

Dane Deaner/unsplash

#5 No Partitions

Completely open floors with no separate rooms. It’s so homey open space 😉 .

Sidekix Media/unsplash

#6 No Utility Room

No storage space for brushes, vacuum cleaners or clothes dryer. You never know where to hide such unsightly items.

Toa Heftiba/unsplash

#7 Bathroom with Bedroom

The concept of an open bathroom connected to the bedroom is not a hit. A person who is in the sanitary area will never feel comfortable while performing hygienic activities.

John Cameron/unsplash

#8 Low Cabinets in Kitchen

Kitchen cabinets that don’t reach all the way to the ceiling. In the kitchen, every space is valuable, and the empty space above the cabinets is just asking to be used.

Bilal Mansuri/unsplash

#9 Exposed Garage

A huge garage at the front of the house, which disfigures the entire facade and draws attention away from the entrance and door.

Dillon Kydd/unsplash

#10 Narrow Kitchen

Kitchen arranged in a narrow room. It’s hard to move around in it, and no one will be able to walk through once the refrigerator is open.


#11 All in White

Fashion for furniture, accessories and walls in white or gray. Minimalism rules and it is rare to find items in intense colors.

Sidekix Media/unsplash

#12 Concrete Everywhere

Concrete walls and decor elements. They are very uncomfortable and give the impression that the interior is unfinished.

Joseph Albanese/unsplash

#13 Painted Bricks

Bricks painted in different colors and covering nice wooden floors with carpets.

Patrick Tomasso/unsplash

#14 Unshaped Bathtub

You can’t get comfortable in a completely straight bathtub. Profiled tubs with one side more slanted are definitely better.

 Jared Rice/unsplash

#15 Glazed Shower Enclosures

Fully glazed shower enclosures that look great, but are very difficult to keep clean.


What do you think are these architectural solutions in homes?

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