13 Insane Toilets That Really Exist. Once You Use One of Them, There Is No Way You Will Ever Forget This Experience!

Toilet. A place like others one might say. However, even toilets can surprise. Watching the gallery of toilets below you will quickly realise why.

#1 A throne of gold

#2 A black hole toilet

#3 Straight into the crocodile

#4 Necessity is the mother of invention

#5 If this one is your size, then you can marry a prince!

#6 We’re living in the times of very mobile societies

#7 Inside a fish tank

#8 A touch of royalty

#9 Toilet of glass

#10 Right above the elevator

#11 Something for musicians

#12 Armchair for comfort lovers

#13 And something for fans of ski-jumping

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