Decorating cakes - the basics you should know

    Decorating cakes - the basics you should know

    6:42 AM EST, December 17, 2019

    Decorating cakes is both a great fun and a real art. I love to create interesting designs and decorations on pastries that makes them shine, so you can't take your eyes off them.

    And if you think that such treatments must be an arduous and difficult task, you're very wrong. In a moment you will find that decorating cakes can be both easy and fun!

    So don't hesitate and be sure to check what I have prepared for you ?

    # 1 Starry sky

    A fast, very simple and effective way to decorate a cake!

    # 2 Heart tart

    A perfect idea for a romantic dinner.

    # 3 Spring composition

    And spring will appear at your home even in the middle of winter.

    # 4 Strawberry paradise

    Strawberries inside and on top!

    # 5 Pay attention to the edges

    Cut the cake at the edges and create something amazing!

    # 6 Pattern on cakes

    Just cut the cake in original way and there you go - impressive decoration is ready!

    # 7 Abstraction on a cake

    And you don't need more cake decorations!

    # 8 Braid

    It also has that "something"

    # 9 A Christmas pie

    The whole cake looks brilliant!

    # 10 A flounce at the edges

    With the help of a regular spoon you can make a fantastic flounce.

    # 11 A fork will also be useful

    Isn't it really simple?

    # 12 Autumn decoration

    Place the leaves around the cake and that's all!

    And the cake will look like a real masterpiece!
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