5 Unusual Days That Will Encourage You to Explore the Topic of Sleeping and Naps

    5 Unusual Days That Will Encourage You to Explore the Topic of Sleeping and Naps

    7:17 PM EDT, October 23, 2021

    Our calendars are full of unusual holidays and celebrations. Perhaps it's time to pay attention to those connected with sleeping and naps. Last but not least we spend a third of our lifetime in beds!

    #1 International Snoring Day

    According to statistics, it is usually men who snore (60%). In fact, 2 billion people all over the world have this conditions. It is also a problem for those who sleep next to the snorer. The problem gets more severe as we grow older and also gets intense after alcohol consumption. The International Snoring Day is on 15 March.


    #2 International Pillow Fight Day

    The Day was first officially celebrated on 22 March 2008 in 35 cities all over the world and it has been attracting more and more fans ever since. The idea behind this holiday was to drag people out of homes so that they would spend less time in front of their computers. Last but not least, there is a child in each of us who will always want to jump on the bed and tear pillows apart to let out all the bad emotions.

    In 2022 the festival falls on 2 April.

    #3 International Sleep Day

    This festival is celebrated on the Friday falling before the March equinox. It was first celebrated in 2008. The festival is to increase the awareness of importance of sleep as well as sleep disorders and ways to tackle the problem. In 2021 the official slogan was ‘Regular sleep, healthy future’. The next International Sleep Day falls on 18 March 2022.

    Andisheh A/unsplash
    Andisheh A/unsplash

    #4 International Day of Sleeping in Public Places

    The festival originated in USA, where it is celebrated on 28 February, while in some countries it falls on 26 February. This is when social media promote events encouraging us to have a nap on a park bench, on a subway train, in the cinema or in a surgery waiting room.


    #5 International Nap at Work Day

    This festival was also put forward by Americans. It is to encourage employers to allow their staff to take a short nap (even 5 – 15 minutes can regenerate our bodies) at work. It is also true that naps improve our concentration and increase our general work efficiency. International Nap at Work Day falls on 12 March. To make your naps more effective, you need to have some coffee right before you do it.

    Have you heard of any of these special days before?
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