Dandelion Syrup Helps Treat Anemia and Cleanse the Body of Toxins

    Dandelion Syrup Helps Treat Anemia and Cleanse the Body of Toxins

    Dandelion Syrup Helps Treat Anemia and Cleanse the Body of Toxins
    5:29 PM EDT, May 2, 2022

    Dandelion grows on a majority of meadows and lawns. Few of us know that this plant can be used (apart from the honey business) to make a syrup.

    Gold hidden in grass

    Dandelion is a very common plant. Its intensive yellow plants could be seen on many fields, meadows, lawns as well as in orchards and parks. They announce the upcoming arrival of the summer and, most importantly, they could be used to make a golden syrup which has got fantastic healing properties.


    A medication from meadows

    • Dandelion syrup improves our immunity supporting our bodies in their struggle against microorganisms.

    • It has got some anti-virus and ant-bacteria properties and can be used to treat respiratory tract diseases.

    • It also heals some excretory system problems.

    • It stimulates liver so that it releases more gastric juice

    • It must be also pointed out that it removes some toxins from our bodies.

    • It lowers sugar level blood.

    • It slows down the aging process as it inhibits the growth of free radicals.

    • It also supports treatment of anemia.

    To conclude, it is more than apparent now than dandelion is an ultra-useful plant. However, to exploit all its properties, we have to prepare a syrup.


    Harvest time

    Dandelion blooms on the break of April and May. Sometimes it also blossoms in August and September( as long as the weather conditions are favorable enough) The flowers (in full bloom) have to be collected on a dry and sunny day. There can’t be any rain or dew drops. You should never pick those flowers growing by a road or exposed to any kind of pollution

    The ingredients:

    • 300 – 500 dandelion flowers (just the tops),

    • a kilo of sugar,

    • a liter of water,

    • a lemon.

    How to make the syrup

    Spread all the flowers onto a newspaper sheet and wait for about 30 minutes so that any insects that could be still there can go out. Then put them all into a pot and pour boiling hot water. 300 – 500 flowers could be fitted into a 1-liter pot. Boil it all for 15 minutes. Finally add sliced lemon. Cover the mixture and let it rest for 12 hours.


    Once it has rested sieve it through gauze and add sugar. Simmer it until all the sugar dissolves (the longer it simmers, the thicker the syrup will get). Pour hot syrup immediately into jars (wash them with hot water before) and put the jars upside down. You can pasteurize them but it is not necessary since the syrup contains a lot of sugar.

    If the fire is too intensive, the sugar will turn into caramel and the syrup will be darker.


    How should we dose the syrup?

    The recommended daily dose is 2 – 3 teaspoonfuls per day. Children should take half the dose. It can be also added to tea, water or even spread on a slice of bread (instead of honey)

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