Cute Succulents That Look like Miniature Dolphins Jumping Out of the Waves!

    Cute Succulents That Look like Miniature Dolphins Jumping Out of the Waves!

    7:11 AM EDT, April 11, 2021

    Succulents have a growing circle of "admirers". Methods of growing them are so simple for us that anyone can grow them in their home. Their ability to store water in their leaves, stems and roots makes the above-ground part of these plants look quite interesting. Their thick, fleshy leaves often take on different shapes...

    Senecio Peregrinus - Dolphin Succulents


    An example of a succulent with unusual leaves is the succulent senecio peregrinus.
    Senecio pereginus is a hybrid of Curio articulatus and Curio rowleyanus.
    The leaves of this plant resemble small dolphins jumping out of the water, hence the plant is known as Dolphin Necklace, Dolphin String, Flying Dolphins, or Dolphin Plant.


    Dolphin Succulents - Cultivation

    This unusual plant tolerates periods of drought very well, but if you don't want your delphiniums to be wrinkled, make sure that the substrate is properly moistened.
    It is enough to water it once a week, but it is advisable to dry the substrate between the next watering.
    In winter we limit watering to once a month.


    Dolphin succulents - The substrate, as with any succulent, the dolphin plant should be well-drained so that water does not build up.

    The delphinium likes a bright spot with diffused light, but not directly illuminated by the sun.


    The optimal temperature for mini-dolphins for this succulent is 71.6°F.
    In winter, the plant goes into a dormant state and it is better to provide it then with a lower temperature - 59°F.

    Dolphin succulents - the propagation of this plant is by rooting individual dolphins.
    It is enough to put them in water or rooting agent!


    Dolphin Succulents are Blooming!

    The flowers appear in the fall and are somewhat reminiscent of puffballs.


    Do you like to see these mini dolphins jumping out of the waves?

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