A Brazilian Granddad Crochets Dolls That Look like Children Suffering from Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a disease that is clearly visible. A man from Brazil has decided to make dolls for children so that they can accept their condition.

Skin stains


Vitiligo is a condition which is caused by reduced amount of melamine in a given skin area. As a result the skin has got some characteristic stains, most often on the face, neck, elbows and knees. It is estimated that approximately 1 – 2 % of world’s population suffer from the problem, with age and sex not having any impact. People who have the condition are often stigmatized (children included) and have to face a number of horrible situations. And that is why a man from Brazil has decided to do something about it.

The first doll


João Stanganelli is 65 and has vitiligo himself, too. The first symptoms were noticed when he was 38. two years later he had to quit his job in restaurant business, due to his heart problems. He did not break down, though, and together with his wife he learned to crochet. Although it was not easy, after 5 days he managed to make his first doll. Originally, it was to be a gift for his granddaughter. In the end he made Vitilinda, the first crocheted vitiligo doll.

It’s all for kids


Thanks to the doll the children suffering from vitiligo were more likely to come to terms with their appearance and accept themselves. Isn’t it a great initiative?

João Stanganelli and his dolls

The version for boys

João Stanganelli

João Stanganelli


João Stanganelli also makes dolls sitting in wheelchairs, so appreciated by physically disadvantaged children


What do you think about these dolls?

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