Crochet String Light Circle

Seize the hook and make this illuminating rug!
It’s believed that mandalas exhibit radial balance. They bring eternal peace to their creators and let them focus attention on their work. They do have some spiritual powers but undoubtedly their most influencing benefit is the patience which is awarded when you see the final version of your magic circle. Originally, mandalas are made of powderly materials because they aren’t meant to be permanent. They should be destroyed, after all the intention not the product is important.

I’m not so keen on destroying my work but I adapt the mandala ideas to my DIY projects. Hula Hoop T-shirt Rug was one of my first magic circle enterprise. Now, it time I added some illumination to my crochet mandalas so I found Crochet String Light Circle on Crafty Queens. You take a few easy steps to complete this project. It can become a rug or a floodlit decoration on the wall.

Are you also fond of mandalas? Do they influence you state of mind? Tell us about your feelings by leaving a comment below.

Visit Crafty Queens to see the full tutorial.

What you need:


  • Hook

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Textile yarn
  • String lights



Do you think it’s practical?

0 thoughts on “Crochet String Light Circle

  1. Jutta Krause Morsing says:

    This is ju a lovely idea! I made a round rug of Zpagetti yarn, crocheted together like this light chain – butI will absolutely try this on, light included!

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