Crochet Mini Cherry Blossoms

Take your hook and make your home full of flowers in just a few minutes

Weekend is coming, and although we tend to spend the time outside, who said we cannot take some crafts with us. Crocheting is certainly one of these which is perfect during spring trips, and into the nature.

The weather outside doesn’t call for heavy stuff like this cool Mermaid Tail Crochet Blanket though, but certainly you can unwind making some easy and quick Crochet Swirly Cupcakes or these awesome Pineapple Earrings.

Another fun and easy crochet pattern for you is Crochet Mini Cherry Blossoms by Jess from Make & Do Crew blog. The site is pretty cool with loads of amazing DIY stuff. These blossoms however, caught our attention with their nice touch and the way they look on a real branch - you can almost smell the scent of cherry tree.

We hope you like this pattern and try it this weekend! Give us a shout on our FB fanpage how you arranged them in your house!

Full pattern is available HERE.


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