Crochet Heart Shaped Baskets

Crochet these sweet hearts for your moms!
Haha, I’ve finally found a perfect present for Valentine's and Mother’s Days. My mother keeps on complaining about lack of storage boxes in her bathroom. She wants separate containers for nail polish, brushes and other cosmetics. Some things are scattered around and difficult to keep in order.

On my way to DIY presents I stumbled upon Crochet Heart Shaped Baskets on 'My Poppet'. Cintia shows there how to complete lovable baskets. They work out quickly and make just ideal presents for mothers. Luckily, I have some leftovers form Crochet String Light Circle.

The basket may not be as easy as His + Her DIY Mug but still worth trying.

Love is all we need so don’t waste time preparing other gifts. Grab your hook and present your mother with these heart basket. As soon as you finish let us know on our website.

Check out the tutorial on the My Poppet!

What you need:


  • Hook
  • Scissors

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Yarn


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