Crochet Baby Flip Flop Sandals

Crochet these Crochet Baby Flip Flop Sandals!
There’s nothing more relaxing and energetic than my morning yoga classes. Who would have thought hanging upside down, stretching with belts and blocks can bring a woman so much release. Miracles! Yet, I didn’t forget about my other meditation - crocheting.

I poked around a bit and I found Crochet Baby Flip Flop Sandals on Whistle And Ivy. Bethany released her newest baby shoe pattern just in time for sitting in the shade of a walnut tree and focus on the stitches. Anu is ready to the model, I’m just getting my hook and off we go on a new crochet adventure.

Once you catch the bug, go for a bigger project and crochet these Converse Slippers for yourself.

Let me know how it went!

Check out the pattern on Whistle And Ivy.

What you need:


  • Hook
  • Scissors

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Yarn


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