Cozy Peacock Yarn Blanket

One, crochet motif multiplied, and original blanket ready decorate your sofa

Mermaid Tail Crochet Blanket was huge success around the internet. It was not a surprise as first of all, everybody love mermaids and second, is there anyone who doesn’t like crochet acessories?

This time Cozy Peacock Yarn Blanket is on the table. It was designed by Vanessa Beaty for DIY & Crafts site. She found the single peacock feather motif on YT, multiplied it and joined them to make this impressive, colorful throw.

Would you try to make it? We certainly ask our main crocheter, Mania to crochet one and maybe share some more pictures of the process.

For the full tutorial click the link. And share your progress in crocheting on Handimania’s instagram with #handimania.


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