Zen Zone for Kids

You need only one, big cardboard box to make your kiddo happy !
Everybody experiences a bad day now and then, adults and children alike. As a parent, it can be especially hard when you come back from work and you find out that your child had a terrible day. Normal tricks like Anti-Boring Jar, doesn't work, so what we can do to help a child through their emotions and relax a little bit?

Jessie, who is a mother of two beautiful kids, from 'Berry Sweet Baby', give us a simple solution how to handle with kids' bad mood. You need only three things, carton box, crayons, and lullabies. How clever, isn't it?

I'm sure that you have own simple, clever and effective methods to control kids' emotions. Share them with other handimaniacs!

Check out this awesome inspiration on Berry Sweet Baby!


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