Wearable Planters

You’re looking for jewelry idea? Check these crazy mini planters!
If you like plants and you’re crazy enough, prepare yourself to create these little wearable planters. It’s an awesome gift idea. You can turn them into a necklace, bike decoration even a small earrings. I saw before really small planters such as Cork Planters or Little House Clay Pots, but this idea is more charming, more incredible. Only real plants freak can come up with such insane thing!

Grace Bonney from ingenious Design Sponge website is the author of this cool idea. She’s a fan of all living things, and she’s trying to conjoin plants and everyday objects as often as she can. This tutorial is a great example of her trend. It’s not a typical DIY cause these little containers are available in online shops, but you can create them by yourself of course!

What do you think about these little planters? Crazy enough for you? Or too crazy? Talk to me in comments below.

See more photos on Design Sponge.






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