Washi Tape Laptop Keyboard

Choose your favorite patterns of Washi Tape and refresh your old laptop keyboard.
Did you try this cool Laptop Wood Grain Skin idea? It was the perfect way to make any laptop stand out in the sea of other laptops. Today, we would like to show you an idea as creative as the previous one! If you love to customize your computer gadgets, you can make it by adding to your keyboard a layer of protection and style at the same time. Kira from ‘Her New Leaf’ shows us how she made it. It is a very easy D.I.Y.; all you need is a little patience. Use different tapes that match well together to create a beautiful mosaic. This tape is very thin and slightly transparent so you can still see which key is under the pattern! We guess it also works on other notebooks ;)

Check out this project on the Her New Leaf!


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