Wall Succulent Terrarium

Create this simple and easy to maintain wall garden
If you find Succulent Book Planters we presented few days ago a bit controversial, we have another succulent hack that is slightly less buzzy but won't break your book loving heart into pieces.

This tiny eye-delight, prepared from magnetic metal tin, gives you the possibility of an effortless yet spectacular cultivation of air plants, mosses or small leafy plants. You can easily present them on any metal surface, may it be a fridge, door or a wall painted with magnetic paint. In case of air plants, you may need to cut the lid since they don't like closed containers, but ferns and small leafy plants will go well with fully covered lids.

This neat idea is presented as a perfect wedding favor, but this would make a stylish birthday present, too. If you decide to try it out, don't be shy and do share it with us below - we're always curious of your DIY projects!

Check the original tutorial on Ruffled.

Wall Succulent Terrarium

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