Volkswagen Beetle in Thousands of Wood Pieces

Have you ever driven a wooden car? Have a look at this Volkswagen Beetle!
Not so long ago I watched an old German/French comedy. The film itself wasn’t so funny but it showed the atmosphere of the 40’s. The clothes were different, with their butterfly sleeves and exaggerated shoulder pads and loose calf-length skirts people looked older than they really were. I could say even the way people walked was distinct. But there was one thing which captured the ambience of these years the best - Volkswagen Beetle car. There’s nothing more vintage than dome shaped boot and wide bonnet with round lights. I know there are some fan clubs of these cute cars, however looking at Bosnian retiree Momir Bojic I have to say that some people can show their love with exaggeration. The Laughing Squid presented his tedious project. The man spent 2 years covering his Volkswagen Beetle in Thousands of Wood Pieces, the final result gives an outstanding impression.

Looking at my vintage collection of DIY Pictures in Mason Jars and Zipper Book Clutches maybe it’s high time I bought a vintage car ;)

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  1. Sharon Middleton says:

    In Houston Texas, a man has done several wooden body cars. They run in the “Art Car” parade each spring.

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