Vochol: Huichol Art on Wheels

Turn a truly ordinary old car into a colorful piece of art.
Who hasn’t dreamed about an old Volkswagen? The beautiful, simple design delights many of you, but what happens when an artist starts to work on this model? It’s going to create a masterpiece! This is the 1990s Volkswagen Beetle named Vochol (combination of “vocho,” a popular Mexican term for VW Beetles, and “Huichol”). It was decorated by indigenous artisans from the Huichol (Wixaritari) using more than 2 million glass beads and fabric. This one-of-a-kind vehicle is a beautiful piece of art that is full of color. We are under big impression, how about you?

What do you think about this piece of art? Is it still art to you?

Check out this project on the Flickr!



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