Urban Lace Patterns

See this urban lace decorations!
Have you heard of Koniaków, a small village in the south of Poland? It’s famous for its over 150 years old tradition of lace-making. The fame was brought by the old generations of crocheters who handmade lace motifs inspired by nature. Many sorts of lace tablecloths and table runners were produced at those times but quite a fresh hit is crochet underwear which is an invention of younger crochet enthusiasts. As unexpected as crochet panties is a crochet related lace street art served by Warsaw-based artist NeSpoon. Her decorative designs of Urban Lace Patterns cover walls, sidewalks, abandoned houses, parking meters, utility boxes, doorways and posts. I imagine all lace decorated city, wouldn’t it look like from a fairy tale?

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How about you- crochet freaks, would you go for one of those projects? Drop me a line.

See more photos on Behance.
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